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The 6D Lotto, also known as Lotto 6D, is a popular lottery game in the Philippines operated by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). It is one of the simplest to play lotto games, requiring players to select six numbers from a pool of 10 numbers (0 to 9). The jackpot prize starts at ₱150,000.00 and increases every draw until it is won.

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How to play 6D Lotto

  1. Find a Licensed Retailer: Look for an authorized lottery retailer in your area. These are often convenience stores, gas stations, or dedicated lottery outlets.

  2. Select Your Numbers: In a 6D Lotto game, you may be required to choose six numbers from a specified range (for example, 1 to 49). The specific rules for number selection will depend on the rules of the particular lottery you are playing.

  3. Fill Out a Play Slip: Most lottery games provide play slips at the retailer. Fill out the play slip with your selected numbers and any other required information.

  4. Pay for Your Ticket: Pay the appropriate fee for your lottery ticket. The cost may vary depending on the lottery and the type of ticket you choose.

  5. Receive Your Ticket: Once you have paid, the retailer will provide you with a ticket. Keep this ticket safe, as it will be required to claim any potential prizes.

  6. Check the Draw Date and Time: Lotteries have specific draw dates and times. Make sure you know when the draw for your selected numbers will take place.

  7. Watch the Draw or Check Results: You can check the results of the lottery draw by watching it live (if available) or by checking the official lottery website, newspapers, or authorized retailers.

  8. Claim Your Prize: If your numbers match the drawn numbers, follow the instructions provided by the lottery to claim your prize. This may involve filling out a claim form and presenting your winning ticket.

It’s important to note that rules and procedures may vary, so always check the specific guidelines of the lottery you are playing. Additionally, be aware of the legal age for participating in lotteries in your jurisdiction and play responsibly.

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Prize categories and winnings for the 6D Lotto

  • Jackpot: 6 correct numbers – PHP 150,000 or higher
  • 2nd Prize: 5 correct numbers – PHP 3,000
  • 3rd Prize: 4 correct numbers – PHP 250
  • 4th Prize: 3 correct numbers – PHP 20
  • 5th Prize: 2 correct numbers – PHP 10

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 1,000,000. However, the odds of winning a prize are much higher, with an average of 1 in 50.

Some tips for playing the 6D Lotto

  • Choose your numbers carefully. Avoid choosing numbers that are consecutive, similar, or have personal significance to you.
  • Play more combinations. The more combinations you play, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Increase the play amount. This will increase your potential winnings, but it will also increase the cost of your ticket.
  • Play in groups. You can pool your money with friends or family to play more combinations.

Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment, and it is important to play responsibly. Do not gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Where and How to Claim Prize in 6D Lotto

  1. Verify the authenticity of your winning ticket. You can do this by checking the draw results on the PCSO website or by visiting any authorized PCSO outlet. Make sure to keep your ticket safe and secure.

  2. Prepare the necessary documents. You will need to present a valid ID with photo and signature, such as your passport, driver’s license, or voter’s ID. You will also need to fill out a claim form, which can be obtained at any PCSO outlet.

  3. Proceed to the PCSO Main Office or Branch Office. The location of the PCSO office where you can claim your prize will depend on the amount of your winnings. If your prize is PHP 20.00 up to PHP 10,000.00, you can claim it at any authorized PCSO outlet. If your prize is PHP 20.01 up to PHP 500,000.00, you can claim it at any PCSO Branch Office. If your prize is PHP 500,001.00 and above, you can only claim it at the PCSO Main Office.

  4. Submit your winning ticket and other required documents. Once you have arrived at the PCSO office, present your winning ticket and other required documents to the cashier. They will verify your identity and the authenticity of your ticket.

  5. Receive your prize. Once your claim has been validated, you will receive your prize in cash or check. For prizes of PHP 10,000.00 and above, the prize will be deposited directly to your bank account. You will need to provide your bank account details to the cashier.

Here are some additional reminders when claiming your 6D Lotto prize:

  • Claim your prize within one year from the draw date. Failure to claim your prize within the prescribed period will result in forfeiture of your winnings.
  • Be mindful of taxes. Prizes of PHP 20,000.00 and above are subject to a 20% withholding tax.
  • Seek professional assistance if needed. If you have any questions or concerns about claiming your prize, you can seek assistance from a PCSO representative.


6D Lotto is a popular lottery game in the Philippines that offers exciting jackpots and multiple prize categories. With a minimum play amount of PHP 10 and a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize, it is an affordable and accessible game for many people.

6D Lotto is a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed way to win. However, by understanding the game and playing responsibly, you can increase your chances of winning and enjoy the excitement of the game.

Draw schedule

he 6D Lotto draw is held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 PM PST.

Is there a Tax in 6D Lotto?

Prizes of PHP 20,000.00 and above are subject to a 20% withholding tax.

How many days PCSO Lotto ticket valid?

PCSO Lotto tickets are valid for one year after the draw date. This means that if you win the PCSO Lotto, you have one year to claim your prize. If you do not claim your prize within one year, it will be forfeited.

To claim your PCSO Lotto prize, you can go to any PCSO branch office or authorized lotto ticket seller. You must bring your winning ticket and a valid ID. You must also fill out a claim form.

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